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The broadcast continues: Meet members of the Westfield HS Broadcast Club
Credit: Rocks Media House

The broadcast continues: Meet members of the Westfield HS Broadcast Club

WESTFIELD, Ind. — As a part of ensuring all Rocks are life ready, Westfield Washington Schools provides students with real life experiences while kids are still in school. One such example of that is the Westfield High School Broadcast Club. Students in the club practice being play-by-play and color commentary announcers and put their skills to the test during Westfield High School (WHS) games. This fall, you can hear their broadcasts of Rocks football games every Friday on their YouTube page.

In the bustling halls of WHS, a group of dedicated students is making waves, not on the field, but on YouTube. This dynamic team of high school students is part of the school’s Broadcast Club, and they are following their passions by broadcasting WHS sports events on YouTube, while also serving as the enthusiastic announcers on the live stream.

Credit: Rocks Media House

Club sponsor Michael Reece recalls the motivation to start the club.

“I got the idea during the COVID hybrid school year,” he said. “Everyone was scrambling to find ways to keep the fans involved. When the football team played Homestead High School in the regional title game, the broadcasting bug was placed into my ear because they have a great media program that broadcasts games on YouTube. I figured, if they can do it, certainly we can. Evan Cummings saw me watching one of their games, and we started talking about doing it here. He and his crew brought sports broadcasting to WHS.”

This club is picking up where last year’s group left off. Recent Rocks grads Evan Cummings, Sam Mefford and Aidan McNally started broadcasting Rocks sports events two years ago. All three of them graduated last year, and the Broadcast Club is picking up the baton.

WHS students have streamed football, men’s and women’s basketball, and did an online radio broadcast for baseball and softball. They are planning to add volleyball and soccer to the schedule.

Credit: Rocks Media House

Meet the club members:

Roen Elbert: “It’s an honor and a privilege to broadcast live sports for the Shamrocks. I’ve always had a dream of being a play-by-play broadcaster, and for me to get reps and also make connections that will last a lifetime is a beautiful thing.”

Andrew Taylor: “I love getting to sit in the press box with my play-by-play guy and call the game. I color commentate, and it has provided me many opportunities that I never thought I would get in high school.”

Cali Stigler: “I am the sideline reporter for the Shamrocks. The Sports Broadcasting club has opened a lot of doors and opportunities. Sometimes when Drew is out I help fill in as a color commentator. Doing on field interviews with Coach Gilbert gives me the experience that I will need later on in my sideline reporting career. The team we have this year is amazing, from producer Alan to Roen, Drew, and Adrienne. Joining this club was the best decision I have made.”

Credit: Rocks Media House

Adrienne Wolfe: “Being a part of the sports broadcasting/all around team has been such a privilege. I look forward to coming in and just getting on the next project and seeing all the new ideas come to life. From working with Cali, to co-hosting with Roen and all the help from Alan, this year has been absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to see what the rest of this year and the upcoming years have in store for this team.”

In an age where social media and online platforms reign supreme, the Broadcast Club at Westfield High School decided to take their love for sports and technology to the next level. Their mission? To bring the excitement of Westfield’s sporting events to a wider audience, allowing friends, family, and sports enthusiasts to enjoy the games from the comfort of their own homes.

As the club continues to grow, the future looks bright for these dedicated high school broadcasters. Reece plans on turning this club into a class that will teach students all the basics of broadcast journalism.

Credit: Rocks Media House

Their YouTube channel, aptly named “WHS Sports Live”, has garnered a devoted following. Parents, students, and even alumni eagerly tune in to support their school’s teams. The club also live streams interviews with coaches and players, adding a personal touch that traditional broadcasts often lack.

In the world of high school sports, the Westfield High School Broadcast Club is a shining example of how passion, dedication, and creativity can come together to create state-of-the-art content. Through their YouTube channel, they’ve connected the Westfield community and showcased the incredible talent within their school. Their journey is a testament to the power of following one’s passion, even when it involves stepping out of the traditional realm of sports and into the world of digital media.

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