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Alex Cooper: From DI soccer to ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast host
Alex Cooper when she was a Division I college soccer player (left) vs. now as a podcaster worth millions of dollars (right). (Left PC: Boston University Athletics/Youtube; Right PC: “Call Her Daddy” podcast/YouTube)

Alex Cooper: From DI soccer to ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast host

BOSTON (BVM) – Alex Cooper is known as the world’s No. 1 female podcaster as the host of “Call Her Daddy.” Her podcast concluded 2021 and 2022 as Spotify’s second-most watched podcast in the world (behind Joe Rogan). 

Cooper’s content journey first began while playing DI college soccer for the Boston University Terriers.  

Alex Cooper’s high school and college soccer career

Cooper was a senior co-captain for the girls soccer team at Pennington High School. The attacking midfielder led the team to four Mercer County Tournament Championships and won the NJISAA Prep-A state championship during all four seasons

Coming off a successful high school career, Cooper committed to the Boston University women’s soccer program on scholarship. She also considered top academic schools including Columbia and Yale. 

“I love soccer and the level of soccer at Ivy League colleges is not comparable to DI,” Cooper told The Trentonian in high school about her college commitment to BU. “I wasn’t ready to risk losing my level of play.”   

Cooper would go on to play just three years of college soccer; she played her freshman season in 2013 and ended her soccer career as a junior. Overall, Cooper wasn’t a regular starter; she played in a total of 49 games, six of which she started in, according to her women’s soccer profile. 

(Courtesy: Boston University Athletics)

“When I got to college, it was a different level of competition that I didn’t quite understand,” Cooper told the New York Times about her soccer career. 

“… I had a traumatic experience happen in college with regard to soccer. It made me a stronger person. So, learning the tools of competitiveness, resilience, having to gain confidence in yourself. Although it was hard in the moment – that does translate to who I am today as the host of ‘Call Her Daddy.’”

Cooper told the NY Times that she got to keep her full scholarship as a senior, “but didn’t play because of a situation with the coach.”  

“I got something I worked my entire life for stripped away because someone in a position of power couldn’t control themself,” Cooper told the New York Times about her soccer career. “And I did nothing wrong.”

Alex Cooper’s “Call Her Daddy” podcast

Cooper began her content journey while she was playing soccer at Boston University. Off the field, she majored in film and began working as a production assistant for NBC Sports as a freshman, according to Cooper’s LinkedIn profile per She later became a sports intern at WHDH in Boston and worked as an on-air anchor for Dirty Water Media. 

After graduating from BU in May 2017, Cooper focused on making it big on YouTube. She soon partnered with her friend, Sofia Franklyn, to release the first episode of their “Call Her Daddy” podcast in 2018. Barstool Sports took notice and signed the pair to produce the podcast; Cooper and Franklyn were each offered $75,000 a year. 

In 2021, Cooper alone signed a three-year, $60-million deal with Spotify, which made her the highest-paid female podcast host in the world. Today, Cooper’s net worth is estimated at $30 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. 

Rolling Stone dubbed Cooper as “Gen-Z’s Barbara Walters.” Cooper has interviewed Hollywood’s biggest celebrities from Hailey Bieber to Post Malone. She discusses relationships and puts a modern twist on feminism. 

Cooper is statically the No. 1 female podcaster on the globe and she’s continuing to fight for another record-breaking spot to end 2023. Her competitive drive as a Boston University soccer player has clearly translated well off the field.