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Goga Bitadze: The Defensive Force Behind Orlando Magic’s Success

Goga Bitadze: The Defensive Force Behind Orlando Magic’s Success

Key points:

  • Goga Bitadze has earned the trust of the Orlando Magic through his hard work and determination
  • Despite being initially waived by the Indiana Pacers, Bitadze found success with the Orlando Magic
  • Bitadze's strong defense and impact on the team's performance has been instrumental in their success

Goga Bitadze earned the Orlando Magic’s trust and quickly proved himself as an excellent rim and paint defender. Despite being the third center on the team, he has stepped in and made significant contributions, especially after an injury to Wendell Carter. Bitadze’s defensive prowess is complemented by his solid offensive contributions, showcasing his versatility on the court. Coach Jamahl Mosley has praised Bitadze for his confidence, defensive skills, and basketball IQ. With a growing role on the team, Bitadze has become an integral part of Orlando Magic’s defensive scheme and a key contributor to the team’s success early in the season.

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