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Cox senior Sam Braidwood signs as William & Mary kicker
Credit: Hatfield Sports

Cox senior Sam Braidwood signs as William & Mary kicker

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Frank W. Cox High School senior Sam Braidwood, 17 years old, already has the next chapter in his life secured. After competing in soccer and football for two years, Braidwood has been signed as a kicker for William & Mary beginning in the fall of next year. He gives us a peek into the psychology behind playing a team sport.

What are your personal goals or athletic dreams within your sport?

Sam Braidwood: I want to continue to get better as a kicker and continue to perform on and off the field.

What is your biggest challenge in your sport, and what do you do to manage this challenge?

Braidwood: The biggest challenge in kicking is staying mentally switched on. It is easy to lose focus; kicking is 90% mental and only 10% physical.

What was the best advice you were ever given?

Braidwood: Have a short memory. If you make a mistake, understand what you did wrong and realize it, but move on. There is nothing you can do about it once it’s over.

Do you have a saying or motto that you like to live by?

Braidwood: Hard work beats talent every time.

What do you love about your sport?

Braidwood: I love the pressure, the team environment, and having the weight of a game on my shoulders.

What has being a member of a team taught you?

Braidwood: I’ve learned that it isn’t about one person. Every event in a game requires 11 guys to do their job, and it is your responsibility to do yours; so you don’t let your teammates down.

What is the best piece of advice you received from a coach or mentor?

Braidwood: Control what you can control. There are plenty of variables in sports that you can’t control and can easily blame, like weather, referees, etc. For me, I don’t like to put the blame on these things, and I try to focus on what I can do or control in the situation I am given.

What do you like to do outside of your sport?

Braidwood: Hang out with my friends and keep up with workouts.

What are you most excited about in playing for William & Mary?

Braidwood: To help the team compete for a national championship and be a contributor to the team’s success.

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