The Thomas County Central Yellow Jackets defeated Marist in a hard-fought 13-7 win to secure their spot in the Georgia 6A state championship game for the first time since 2002. The Yellow Jackets, known for their strong defense, held the War Eagles to only seven points, the lowest scoring output for Marist this season. Thomas County Central got off to a strong start, scoring two touchdowns in the first half and maintaining their lead throughout the game. They clinched the victory by recovering a fumble late in the fourth quarter and were able to run out the clock.

Why It Matters

The Yellow Jackets' victory marks their return to the state championship game after a 21-year absence. It is a significant achievement for the team and their fans, who have witnessed the growth and success of the program. The win also highlights the team's dominant defense and ability to perform under pressure.

The Big Picture

This victory is a testament to the successful season the Yellow Jackets have had, with a dominant defense and a strong rushing attack. Their ability to win on the road, despite long trips, showcases their resilience and the support of their dedicated fan base. The upcoming state championship game against Woodward Academy will be a tough challenge, as the War Eagles have upset top teams in previous rounds.

By the Numbers
  • The Yellow Jackets allowed an average of only 8.3 points per game on defense throughout the season.
  • The team has rushed for over 3,000 yards, with senior running back Trey Brenton leading the way.
  • Thomas County Central has traveled over 500 miles in their last two playoff games.
State of Play
  • The Yellow Jackets will face Woodward Academy in the Georgia 6A state championship game.
  • Woodward Academy has upset favored teams in previous rounds and is on a hot streak.
  • The state championship game will take place at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on December 12.
What's Next

The Yellow Jackets will prepare for their highly anticipated state championship game against Woodward Academy. With their strong defense, they have a good chance of stopping Woodward Academy's momentum and securing the state title.

Bottom Line

Thomas County Central's victory over Marist demonstrates their strength on both offense and defense. As they head to the state championship game, their dominant defense will be crucial in securing the title against a tough opponent.