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Tallest women’s college basketball player is a Texas freshman
Courtesy: Abbie Boutilier/Instagram

Tallest women’s college basketball player is a Texas freshman

AUSTIN, Texas (BVM) – The Texas Longhorns roster boasts the tallest women’s basketball player for the 2023-24 season out of over 350 NCAA Division-I schools.   

Abbie Boutilier tallest women's basketball player
Abbie Boutilier. (Courtesy: ProSkills Girls Basketball/X)

UT freshman center Abbie Boutilier stands at 6-foot-9. 

To put Boutilier’s height into perspective, only five WNBA players in history have measured at her height of 6-foot-9 or taller.  

Boutilier is so tall that she even wears a men’s size 18 shoe. In comparison, former NBA player Shaquille O’Neal wears a size 20. 

There’s no doubt that Boutilier will tower over her opponents in the Big 12 and beyond. Only two players follow close behind her in height; Oregon Ducks junior center Phillipina Kyei and Utah Utes junior center Nene Sow measure at 6-foot-8.

Additionally, only 10 women’s hoopers are 6-foot-7. In other words, about 99% of D-I women’s basketball players are at least three inches shorter than Boutilier at 6-foot-6 or less.   

“With my height and wingspan, I impact a lot of different things throughout the game and it might not always be my scoring, but instead it could be my defense or altering shots,” Boutilier previously told Whoa Sports World. 

As a high school junior at Flower Mound High School near Dallas, Boutilier averaged 7.5 points, 4.5 rebounds and 1.6 blocks while shooting 54% from the field. She saw limited action in her senior season because of a stress fracture and an eardrum surgery. 

The future looks bright for Boutilier who is now the tallest women’s Longhorn basketball player in history. She’ll be exciting to watch considering that she can dunk now. This is overall a full-circle moment for Boutilier who started playing basketball at 5 years old. 

“I had always slept with a basketball and so my mom signed me up (to play),” Boutilier said in a social media post for the Texas Longhorns women’s basketball page.  

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