The ACC has unveiled its full 17-team football schedule for 2024, including newcomers Cal, Stanford, and SMU, marking the expanded league's scheduling model through 2030.

Why It Matters

The announcement is significant as it provides the exact dates for each team's games and reflects the ACC's strategic approach in integrating new members while maintaining a fair and balanced schedule.

The Big Picture

The ACC's scheduling model through 2030 and the inclusion of new members indicate the conference's long-term planning and commitment to adapting to changes in college football dynamics.

By the Numbers
  • The schedule features 16 protected matchups, including notable games such as Florida State vs. Clemson, and the top two teams in the standings will advance to the ACC championship game.
  • All 17 teams will play each other at least twice over the next seven seasons, ensuring a comprehensive coverage of conference opponents.
State of Play
  • The ACC's scheduling approach reflects a dynamic and inclusive strategy amid shifts in conference alignments and ongoing efforts to enhance the competitiveness and appeal of ACC football.
  • The absence of divisions and the emphasis on parity in the schedule layout indicate the conference's commitment to a balanced and equitable playing field for all teams.
Bottom Line

The release of the 2024 football schedule not only sets the stage for an exciting season but also illustrates the ACC's proactive and thoughtful approach in integrating new members and shaping the future of ACC football with a well-structured, fair schedule.