Auston Matthews criticized Ridly Greig's slapshot empty-net goal, expressing support for teammate Morgan Rielly's retaliation. Rielly cross-checked Greig in the head, drawing a major penalty, a game misconduct, and an in-person hearing with the NHL Department of Player Safety. Matthews compared Greig's shot to an incident at the All-Star Game and defended Rielly's actions as justified. Rielly's hearing in New York City could result in a suspension of six or more games. Teammates stood up for Rielly, willing to play without him if necessary.

By the Numbers
  • Rielly has seven goals and 36 assists in 50 games this season
State of Play
  • Rielly's in-person hearing is expected in New York City on Tuesday afternoon
  • Teammates supported Rielly at practice, even if it meant playing without him for an extended period
What's Next

Rielly's potential suspension length will be determined after the in-person hearing

Bottom Line

Auston Matthews supports Rielly's response to Greig's goal, while Rielly faces potential suspension following the in-person hearing, with teammates standing by him.