Ferrari is confident in pursuing improvements in race pace with its new SF-24 design while maintaining the strong qualifying performance from the previous season. The team aims to address shortcomings from 2023 by creating a more compliant and driver-friendly platform, emphasizing the importance of "drivability" to extract consistent pace throughout a race.

By the Numbers
  • The SF-24 design marks a significant departure from its predecessor
  • The team aims to maintain qualifying prowess while unlocking better race-day performance
  • Drivability improvements seek to enhance tyre wear management, aerodynamic stability, and engine efficiency
State of Play
  • Ferrari is focused on creating a more friendly and exploitable platform during racing, prioritizing better performance in the race while maintaining competitiveness in qualifying
  • It remains to be seen if the new car will be more competitive in the race than in qualifying
Bottom Line

Ferrari's emphasis on improving "drivability" in its SF-24 design reflects a strategic shift to balance strong qualifying performances with better race-day results, seeking to bring together the best of both worlds.