Scouting report on local boys basketball sectionals, highlighting key players and Sagarin ratings for each team.

The Big Picture

The article provides insights into the key players to watch and Sagarin ratings for teams in various boys' basketball sectionals in Johnson County, offering a comprehensive overview of the competitive landscape.

By the Numbers
  • Center Grove Sagarin rating: 92.03
  • Bloomington North Sagarin rating: 81.29
  • Franklin Sagarin rating: 87.54
  • Whiteland Sagarin rating: 78.25
  • Indian Creek Sagarin rating: 69.38
State of Play
  • Center Grove is a strong contender in Class 4A with a 5-0 record against the field.
  • Franklin has a solid Sagarin rating of 87.54 and a 3-1 record against the competition in Class 4A East Central Sectional.
  • Indian Creek faces obstacles in the Class 3A Owen Valley Sectional despite a Sagarin rating of 69.38.
What's Next

The matchups in the sectionals will determine which teams advance to the next round, with intense competition expected in the quest for regional berths.

Bottom Line

The local boys' basketball sectionals showcase top talent and competitive matchups, highlighting the excitement and unpredictability of high school basketball playoffs.