At halftime, Oakland Golden Grizzlies lead PFW 38-27 in their NCAA Basketball game, poised to secure a victory and improve their 21-11 record.

The Big Picture

The Oakland Golden Grizzlies and PFW Mastodons are preparing for a Horizon League postseason clash, both with 20-11 records.

By the Numbers
  • PFW has a record of 20-11, while Oakland also holds a 20-11 record.
  • Oakland is favored to win by 3.5 points in the upcoming game against PFW.
Yes, But

PFW Mastodons have won 3 straight games, showcasing their potential to challenge Oakland in the upcoming match.

State of Play
  • Oakland Golden Grizzlies have won 5 of their last 6 games, strengthening their performance.
  • The game is set to take place at OU Credit Union O'rena in Michigan.
What's Next

Will Oakland maintain their lead and secure another victory, or will PFW Mastodons stage a comeback in the second half?

Bottom Line

Oakland Golden Grizzlies stand as favorites but face a determined PFW Mastodons, setting the stage for an intense showdown in the NCAA basketball game.