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Bellbrook basketball trio makes memories on and off the court
Courtesy: Jeff Scohy

Bellbrook basketball trio makes memories on and off the court

BELLBROOK, Ohio — Donnie Tate, head coach of Bellbrook High School boys’ basketball, couldn’t be prouder of this year’s team. All of the boys have stepped up during notable games against Beavercreek, Chaminade Julienne, Lima, SPIRE Academy and West Senior High School (West Seneca, New York).

Three upperclassmen have been instrumental in leading the team: junior CJ Scohy, a point guard; junior Austin Webb, a shooting guard; and the team’s only senior, Kellen Solomon, who plays small forward/center.

(L to R): Austin Webb, Kellen Solomon and CJ Scohy. (Courtesy: Jeff Scohy)

Although each member of the trio began playing basketball at a different point in his life, they have gelled into an indomitable force since the beginning of high school. “We’ve played with each other every year of high school we’ve been able to,” said Kellen, whose love of the sport started in 5th grade. “My sophomore year we were all on junior varsity, and it’s been fun to watch us all grow and start on varsity together for the last two years.”

Austin and CJ can barely recall a time before basketball was a part of their lives; both joined teams in kindergarten. Austin particularly remembers competing against CJ on various teams throughout elementary school. Both boys also play golf.

The teammates draw on all of the crucial basketball skills they have gleaned over the years. Whether learning new moves, finding fresh ways to reach the hoop or absorbing ever changing guidelines (like this season’s elimination of the “one and one” free throw scenario), the art of scoring is obviously a top takeaway.

Even more important, however, is the brotherhood that forms from shared experiences. “The thing I love most about basketball is just being able to compete with my teammates,” said CJ. “I’ve always loved the feeling of winning and winning with my guys.”

Austin seconds this sentiment, recalling his inaugural season on the varsity team. “The upperclassmen really took me under their wing, and I learned so many life skills,” he shared. “They made me feel like I was part of something more than a team. They were my brothers.”

This falls right into line with what Donnie strives to achieve. His core-value based program is known as S.O.A.R. (Strong. One. Accountable. Respectful.). “Bringing a group of young men together as a team—making decisions on and off the court following those core values—is what we’re all about,” Donnie stated. “We want to foster positive relationships between the players, building trust among them and with the coaching staff.”

The boys agree that their teammates and coaches have shaped who they are today. Perhaps Kellen summed it up best: “I love all the guys on this team, and I couldn’t ask for a better group to spend my senior year with.”

Go, Eagles!

Post-Graduation Plans

Austin—College (studying business), playing basketball

CJ—College (majoring in business finance), playing college golf

Kellen—Four-year university (studying business), playing basketball, perhaps coaching somewhere down the line

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