The Buccaneers' fanbase rallied to donate to Mike Evans' foundation after he signed a contract extension to stay in Tampa Bay, showing their appreciation for his commitment both on and off the field.

The Big Picture

This story underscores the powerful impact that sports stars can have beyond their athletic achievements, engaging communities and inspiring charitable giving.

By the Numbers
  • Evans has compiled ten straight 1,000-yard seasons, with 94 touchdowns, ranking ninth in most touchdowns scored by a single team player.
  • Evans is one of four players in NFL history with 90+ receiving touchdowns and 11,000+ receiving yards in the first ten years of their career.
State of Play
  • Evans' contract extension solidifies his status as a legendary player for the Buccaneers and a cherished figure in the Tampa Bay community.
  • His philanthropic efforts through the Mike Evans Family Foundation continue to impact the lives of children and families in need, further endearing him to fans.
Bottom Line

Mike Evans' decision to stay with the Buccaneers not only secures his place in the team's history but also highlights the profound connection between athletes, fans, and communities, showcasing the enduring impact of sports beyond the game.