BU men's tennis team secures back-to-back 4-3 victories at UC Riverside and Redlands in California, improving their season record to 11-5 with strong singles performances.

The Big Picture

The Terriers showcased resilience by overcoming a 1-4 doubles performance with a dominant display in singles matches, securing crucial one-point victories at both universities.

By the Numbers
  • Boston University's record after the victories: 11-5
  • Eight out of the 12 singles points were won by BU, with seven victories in straight sets
State of Play
  • BU men's tennis team rallied to claim victories at UC Riverside and Redlands with a 4-3 scoreline in both matches
  • Sophomores Corey Craig and Alejandro Licea, along with senior Ben Letzer, were instrumental in the team's success, each going 2-0 in singles matches
  • BU will now prepare for a doubleheader against UC San Diego
What's Next

The Boston University men's tennis team is set to compete in a doubleheader against UC San Diego, with action starting at 1 p.m. PT/4 p.m. ET.

Bottom Line

BU's men's tennis team showcased remarkable perseverance by securing crucial victories in California through excellent singles performances, demonstrating resilience in the face of initial doubles setbacks.