NCAA Men's Tournament kicks off with the First Four games, while the Women's Tournament starts tonight; Dodgers secure a victory in the MLB season opener.

The Big Picture

The NCAA tournaments mark the beginning of intense college basketball action, with notable wins and upsets setting the stage for thrilling matchups.

By the Numbers
  • Colorado State beat Virginia 67-42, shooting 55% from the field.
  • Kansas's Kevin McCullar Jr. will miss the NCAA Tournament due to a knee injury after averaging 18.3 points and 6.0 rebounds.
Yes, But

Kansas, facing offensive challenges, is now on upset alert in the NCAA Tournament without Kevin McCullar Jr.'s presence.

State of Play
  • Colorado State and Wagner secured wins in the NCAA Tournament.
  • Kansas faces hurdles with Kevin McCullar Jr.'s absence impacting their performance in the tournament.
  • NCAA Tournament excitement continues with various games scheduled across basketball and hockey leagues.
What's Next

The NCAA Tournaments will progress with more games and potential upsets as teams battle for advancement.

Bottom Line

The NCAA Basketball Tournaments are off to an exciting start, showcasing early victories and challenges that will shape the upcoming games and teams' fates.