North Carolina Tar Heels are leading Wagner Seahawks 40-28 at halftime on the road, positioning themselves for a potential 28-7 record.

The Big Picture

North Carolina is showcasing strength against Wagner, likely to secure a victory and improve their record, while Wagner faces a tough challenge with a 13-15 record.

By the Numbers
  • North Carolina's current record: 25-6
  • Wagner's current record: 13-15
Yes, But

Despite Wagner's recent winning streak, they are seen as underdogs against North Carolina's solid performance.

State of Play
  • North Carolina leading Wagner 40-28 at halftime
  • The game scheduled for 2:45 p.m. ET on Thursday at Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina
What's Next

North Carolina is heavily favored with a 25-point advantage over Wagner as per the latest college basketball odds.

Bottom Line

North Carolina's dominant performance against Wagner puts them on track for a potential victory and an improved record, setting them as clear favorites in the upcoming match.