Former Ashland University linebacker Michael Ayers has signed with the Canadian Football League's Winnipeg Blue Bombers and is set to compete for a roster spot in May. The CFL game presents differences from the NFL, including a wider and longer field, 12 players on each side, three downs instead of four, and various gameplay nuances. Ayers is optimistic about showcasing his skills in this new setting but acknowledges the need to adjust to the faster-paced three-down game.

By the Numbers
  • Ayers ended his senior season at Ashland in 2022 with 81 total tackles, 10½ tackles for loss, and three sacks
  • Winnipeg had the CFL's second-best regular-season record at 14-4 in 2023
State of Play
  • Michael Ayers is preparing to compete for a roster spot with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in May
  • Winnipeg, led by head coach Mike O'Shea, boasts a strong roster and has experienced recent success in the CFL
Bottom Line

Michael Ayers' signing with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers marks an exciting new chapter in his football career, presenting an opportunity to prove himself in a different football league and adapt to the nuances of the Canadian game.