Cynthia Cooper's participation as a volunteer assistant coach at the Women’s College All-Star Game sparked controversy due to allegations of abusive behavior towards players, despite her resignation in 2022. Former players expressed the need for a public apology before considering her return to coaching.

By the Numbers
  • Cynthia Cooper won two championships at USC, an Olympic gold medal, and four WNBA titles.
  • Cooper resigned from Texas Southern amid allegations of abusive behavior and entered therapy following a Title IX investigation.
Yes, But

The National Basketball Retired Players Association believes Cooper has been working on her personal and professional development but acknowledges the need for accountability and genuine apologies to those affected by her actions.

State of Play
  • Cooper's coaching at the game occurred amidst a backdrop of controversies involving another coach's hiring and allegations of abusive behavior.
  • The invitation to coach at the all-star game was seen as a developmental opportunity for Cooper to improve personally and professionally.
What's Next

The road back for Cynthia Cooper may involve face-to-face apologies to those she harmed, with emphasis on genuine accountability and self-improvement.

Bottom Line

Cynthia Cooper's coaching comeback raises questions about accountability, healing for affected players, and the balance between redemption and ongoing consequences for past actions in the world of women's basketball coaching.