Purdue reflects on last year's shocking loss to a No. 16 seed while acknowledging Virginia's subsequent championship win following a similar upset.

By the Numbers
  • Purdue became only the second No. 1 seed in history to lose to a No. 16 seed.
  • Purdue has made 15 NCAA appearances in the last 19 seasons, with multiple early eliminations, including four first-round exits since 2010 and three failures to advance past the first weekend.
Yes, But

Purdue continues to grapple with the lingering impact of the upset, using it as motivation but also facing the mental challenge of overcoming the past.

State of Play
  • Purdue is striving to claim their first national championship, with a historic mental hurdle to overcome ahead of the title game against UConn.
  • The team's struggles post the upsetting loss are a significant part of their narrative, shaping their approach to redemption and success.
What's Next

Despite the painful memories, Purdue aims to use their past setbacks as fuel for success, seeking to exorcise the haunting impact of the previous year's defeat.

Bottom Line

Purdue's journey from the unexpected loss to potential championship victory embodies the team's resilience, determination, and the ongoing battle with past failures, shaping their pursuit of collegiate basketball glory.