NIU women's basketball team leads the MAC with nine Academic All-MAC selections, emphasizing academic success alongside athletic achievements.

By the Numbers
  • NIU had the most Academic All-MAC selections in both 2023 and 2024 with nine selections each year.
  • Brooke Stonebraker led in points and rebounds, Jayden Marable in assists, and Sidney McCrea in three-pointers for the Huskies.
Yes, But

No counterarguments or complexities were highlighted in the article.

State of Play
  • NIU women's basketball maintains a strong academic focus with at least six student-athletes named to the Academic All-MAC team for the seventh consecutive year.
  • The team members have varying academic majors, showcasing a well-rounded approach to student-athlete success.
What's Next

Future prospects include continued academic excellence and potential recognition in other academic and athletic honors.

Bottom Line

NIU women's basketball's consistent academic achievements underscore the program's commitment to excellence both on and off the court, setting a high standard for student-athlete success in the MAC.