The 2024 USA TODAY Sports Super 25 boys basketball rankings have been finalized, showcasing dominant performances from top teams like Montverde Academy, Plano East, and Columbus, each with impressive undefeated records and strong postseason showings.

By the Numbers
  • Montverde Academy: Record 31-0, Postseason record 3-0
  • Plano East: Record 40-0, Postseason record 1-1
  • Columbus: Record 27-4, Postseason record 4-2
Yes, But

While Montverde Academy's dominance is undeniable, other top teams like Columbus also displayed exceptional skills and victories throughout the season.

State of Play
  • Montverde Academy secured the top spot with a flawless record and a star-studded lineup.
  • Plano East's undefeated season in a tough conference solidified their place in the rankings.
  • Columbus impressed with quality wins and a strong performance in national tournaments.
What's Next

Looking ahead, these teams will aim to maintain their success, with eyes on future championships and continued dominance in the basketball scene.

Bottom Line

The 2024 Super 25 rankings highlight the exceptional talent and competitiveness in high school boys' basketball, setting the stage for intense rivalries and stellar performances in the seasons to come.