Referee Darren England returns to Premier League VAR duty after the infamous Luis Díaz offside error in a match between Liverpool and Tottenham, with England appointed as VAR for the West Ham United vs. Fulham game this weekend.

By the Numbers
  • During his absence, England refereed nine games in the Championship and three FA Cup ties.
  • There have been 23 missed VAR interventions this season, down from 24 at the same stage last season, with five incorrect interventions compared to 10 previously.
Yes, But

Mistakes and controversies continue to plague VAR decisions in the Premier League, with ongoing disputes over offside calls, red card decisions, and penalty awards.

State of Play
  • Premier League introduces semi-automated VAR offside technology next season to improve accuracy.
  • The Independent Key Match Incidents Panel supports contentious decisions like disallowing Wolverhampton Wanderers' late equalizer against West Ham last weekend.
  • Issues persist with VAR intervention thresholds and accuracy, with 23 missed interventions this season despite a reduction in incorrect calls.
What's Next

Despite ongoing controversies, the Premier League aims to enhance VAR technology and improve decision-making processes to minimize errors and ensure fairness in matches.

Bottom Line

VAR's role in Premier League matches remains under scrutiny, with a focus on improving technology, clarity on decision thresholds, and enhancing overall accuracy to uphold fairness and integrity in the game.