Despite battling windy conditions, the No. 8 Northeastern men's rowing team was narrowly defeated by No. 6 Brown in a closely contested race on the Charles River, with Brown winning by 1.6 seconds and reclaiming the Dreissigacker Cup.

By the Numbers
  • Brown won the first varsity race by 1.6 seconds, finishing at 6:08.1 compared to Northeastern's 6:09.7.
  • In the second varsity race, Northeastern held on to cross the line .7 seconds ahead of Brown at 6:18.7.
  • Brown finished the third varsity race at 6:33.7, with Northeastern finishing at 6:40.3.
  • Brown won the fourth varsity race at 6:48.8, while Northeastern finished strong at 6:59.7.
Yes, But

No significant counterarguments or complexities were reported.

State of Play
  • Brown claimed victory over Northeastern in a series of varsity races on the Charles River.
  • The teams showcased strong performances, with each varsity race being closely contested.
What's Next

The No. 8 Northeastern men's rowing team will face Harvard for the Smith Cup on Wednesday, April 24, marking their upcoming challenge.

Bottom Line

Despite a valiant effort, Northeastern's men's rowing team fell short against No. 6 Brown in a thrilling race, highlighting the competitive spirit and determination of both crews on the Charles River.