The Idaho State Bengals completed a series sweep of the Montana Griz in Missoula with a 9-0 victory in game three, moving their record to 21-20 overall and 3-3 in Big Sky Conference play.

By the Numbers
  • Marley Goluskin pitched a second consecutive shutout, allowing 0 runs and holding the opposing batting average to .140 in 12 innings.
  • Gracie Smith and Camryn McDonald both hit .667 in the series against the Griz.
  • The Bengals collectively hit .375 with a .542 slugging percentage and .478 on-base percentage in the three-game series.
  • Over the series, the Bengals outscored the Griz 23-1 with 20 RBIs.
Yes, But

No significant counterarguments or complexities were mentioned in the article.

State of Play
  • Idaho State Bengals are back over .500 for the year and at .500 in Big Sky Conference play.
  • Marley Goluskin demonstrated outstanding pitching, leading the Bengals to victory.
  • The team showed strong offensive performance and solid defense throughout the series.
What's Next

The Bengals will face the Northern Colorado Bears in a rematch of the 2023 Championship next week in Greeley, Colorado. The games are scheduled for April 19-20.

Bottom Line

The Idaho State Bengals' series sweep of the Montana Griz showcases their strong performance, with notable pitching by Marley Goluskin and a powerful offensive display. The team's upcoming rematch with the Northern Colorado Bears presents an intriguing and competitive prospect for fans.