NC State fans from a certain generation fondly reminisce on the era of Philip Rivers and Julius Hodge, highlighting a period of success for the football and basketball programs. However, beyond the spotlight, the athletics department faced challenges with indifference towards non-revenue sports. In recent years, under the leadership of Debbie Yow, NC State has transformed, establishing dynasties in various sports within the ACC and significantly improving its sports programs overall.

By the Numbers
  • NC State has established dynasties within the ACC in multiple sports over the last decade.
  • The women's tennis team recently played for the national title, showcasing significant improvement.
State of Play
  • Under the leadership of Debbie Yow, NC State has made remarkable strides in various sports programs.
  • The athletics department has shifted from indifference towards non-revenue sports to building dynasties and enjoying consistent success.
What's Next

The continuous improvement and success of NC State's sports programs suggest a promising future, with the potential for further achievements and growth across different athletic disciplines.

Bottom Line

NC State's transformation under Debbie Yow's leadership signifies a remarkable shift from indifference towards excellence, showcasing that with strategic direction and care, a modest budget can yield significant sporting accomplishments.