Grand Canyon beach volleyball team splits matches in Hawai'i, falling to No. 12 Hawai'i but sweeping Chaminade. The highlight was the number four pair's comeback win, securing their 13th straight victory. GCU faces Portland next before a rematch with Hawai'i.

By the Numbers
  • The number four pair won their first match against Hawai'i with scores of 21-18, 17-21, 18-16.
  • The freshman pair in the threes flight won 14 straight matches together.
  • GCU lost to Hawai'i with a final score of 3-2, despite a dominant showing against Chaminade.
State of Play
  • GCU split matches in Hawai'i, with a loss to Hawai'i and a victory against Chaminade.
  • The team faces Portland next and looks for a redemption chance against Hawai'i in the upcoming night match.
What's Next

GCU will play against Portland in the morning before seeking redemption in a night match against Hawai'i for their recent loss.

Bottom Line

Grand Canyon beach volleyball team experiences a mixed start in Hawai'i, showcasing resilience in their matches, but aiming for better results moving forward against upcoming opponents.