UNC Greensboro and Taymar Sales U. are celebrating the accomplishments of the 2023-24 men's and women's basketball seasons, with a significant increase in ticket revenue under the leadership of Anthony Moore. The partnership between UNCG and Taymar resulted in impressive growth in ticket sales and operations, highlighting a successful first year collaboration.

By the Numbers
  • 29% increase in men's basketball ticket revenue
  • 105% increase in women's basketball ticket revenue
  • 140% increase in group sales
  • 19% increase in men's basketball season ticket sales
Yes, But

The success in ticket revenue growth may be influenced by various factors such as team performance and marketing strategies, beyond the partnership with Taymar.

State of Play
  • UNCG and Taymar's partnership has led to a fruitful collaboration, aligning goals and strategies for ticket sales.
  • The implementation of new ticketing initiatives, like group sales and mini/flex plans, has expanded the reach within the Greensboro community.
What's Next

Future endeavors may involve further enhancing customer engagement, exploring innovative sales strategies, and sustaining the positive trajectory in ticket revenue growth for UNCG athletics.

Bottom Line

The collaboration between UNC Greensboro and Taymar Sales U. has proven instrumental in driving remarkable growth in ticket revenue, setting a solid foundation for continued success and expansion in the future.