The 2024 Stanley Cup playoffs are underway, as ESPN's hockey reporters Ryan S. Clark and Kristen Shilton break down each of the 16 postseason teams, highlighting the reasons for a Stanley Cup win, pointing out flaws, key players, and offering bold predictions for every contender.

By the Numbers Yes, But

Teams face challenges with scoring depth, defensive issues, and overcoming past playoff disappointments.

State of Play
  • Teams have varying levels of confidence and strengths heading into the playoffs.
  • Strategies and player performances will be crucial in determining success.
  • Teams are aware of historical shortcomings and aim to break barriers this season.
What's Next

Expect intense playoff matchups, potential upsets, and the unveiling of teams' true championship potential as the competition unfolds.

Bottom Line

The Stanley Cup playoffs promise excitement, fierce competition, and the opportunity for teams to rewrite their postseason narratives with the ultimate goal of hoisting the prestigious Cup.