Local sports teams achieve victories in various softball and baseball matchups, with Franklin, Center Grove, and Whiteland securing wins in their respective competitions.

By the Numbers Yes, But

Some teams, like Edinburgh, faced defeats in their matchups against higher-ranked opponents, such as Indianapolis Lutheran and Hauser.

State of Play
  • Franklin Grizzly Cubs have a record of 7-5 for the season.
  • Center Grove Trojans hold a 10-4 record and are ranked No. 8 in Class 4A.
  • Whiteland Warriors have a 6-6 record after their victories in the Warrior Invitational.
  • Edinburgh Lancers are still seeking their first win with a record of 0-8.
What's Next

Teams will continue to compete in their respective leagues and tournaments, aiming for further successes or seeking a turnaround in their performances.

Bottom Line

Local sports roundup highlights the triumphs and challenges faced by various teams, showcasing the competitive spirit and resilience in the sports community.