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Lovejoy’s 4 future DI WRs can solidify legacy with title

Isaiah Butler Isaiah Butler BVM Sports Journalist
Isaiah Butler

LUCAS, Texas (BVM) — There are high school football teams around the country with plenty of talent on their rosters. But Lovejoy High School may have more talent than any other school in the country, with four DI-caliber wide receivers at its disposal.

Running routes for the Leopards are seniors Kyle Parker and Jaxson Lavender, junior Parker Livingstone and sophomore Daylan McCutcheon.

Parker and Lavender have led the way for the Leopards this season. Both have been recruited by top-tier college football programs, including Parker, who accumulated 20 offers. The duo has also already committed to their respective schools, but the recruiting process for them has been great.

“I didn’t get my first offer till midseason junior year,” said Parker, an LSU commit. “I kind of had a late recruiting process, but my first offer was Central Michigan, I got Pitt the next day, and then everything ramped up from there.”

Moreover, fellow senior Lavender experienced the recruiting process too. It happened to be a year earlier than Parker. 

“My recruiting process started fairly early, at the end of my sophomore year, kind of going into track season a little bit,” Lavender said. “I actually had an early commitment heading into my junior season of football. I think Week 5 or 6, and I found SMU to be my stop. I haven’t regretted it since.”

Along with Parker and Lavender’s experience in the recruiting process, Livingstone and McCutcheon have learned a lot from the older receivers. And with 23 DI offers between the two, they are taking the two seniors’ advice to heart.

Parker Livingstone sporting No. 3 for Lovejoy.
Parker Livingstone is only a junior and has the attention of DI schools. (Credit: shotsbyshowtime_/Instagram)

“They have a big say in where you go to visit; they’ll tell you how the school is and how the coaching staff is,” Livingstone said. “We all know each other pretty well outside of football. You know they know how your personality is and how you roll.”  

“I learned that more schools may come and make sure you stay focused on football,” McCutcheon said. “It’s all worth it in the end.”  

With seven wins and the Leopards’ offense averaging nearly 54 points, it’d be hard for one to argue that these four aren’t the most talented group in the country. 

“I would say we definitely do consider ourselves the best in the county,” Parker said. “We all have the ability to be a great receiver. We put it on the field and film, so we definitely carry ourselves that way.”

Being the best in the country, too, they are certain to come along with some nicknames for their talented group. One of those nicknames happens to be the “four horsemen.”

“I was, actually, just thinking of the four horsemen,” Parker said. “That would be a good one.” 

It’s clear that all four wideouts are talented. But alongside the talent and success on the football field, all four have grown to appreciate each other and have formed a bond that can last a lifetime.

“It’s like a brotherhood,” Livingstone said. “It’s something you won’t ever forget, and it’s something you’ll tell your kids in the future. It’s special to be around them today.”

“I played football since I was four years old, and you build a lot of great bonds during football,” Parker said. “You get to experience different people and get to see younger players like Daylan and Parker; you get to see them grow throughout the year.”

Kyle Parker with the Lovejoy Leopards.
Kyle Parker is ready to be the next great WR at LSU. (Credit: shotsbyshowtime_/Instagram)

It truly has been a special time for the Lovejoy community and especially for the four WRs. All four are trying to chase down a state title after falling to South Oak Cliff last year. But when all is said and done, these four could go down as one of the best high school WR groups to touch the gridiron.

“It’s definitely the top,” Lovejoy’s passing game coordinator Brandon Jackson said. “I’ve coached some pretty good groups over the years, and it’s just different. They just happen to be four Power 5 [caliber] guys.”