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Michael Oher now: From ‘Blind Side’ to happily ever after
Then-Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Michael Oher. (Credit: James Lang-USA TODAY Sports)

Michael Oher now: From ‘Blind Side’ to happily ever after

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (BVM) – Michael Oher’s true story of homelessness from the streets of Memphis to reaching his full potential in football is famously the inspiration behind the movie, “The Blind Side.” The movie was released in November 2009 which was when Oher was making his rookie season debut in the NFL.

Oher was an NFL first-round draft pick with the Baltimore Ravens and went on to become a Super Bowl Champion in 2013. He played a total of eight seasons in the NFL, including with the Carolina Panthers and Tennessee Titans. He played his last NFL game in 2016 before he was released the following year due to a failed physical. He finished with more than $34 million to his career total. 

Although the 36-year-old is no longer playing football, he’s still giving fans a reason to cheer for him. 

Where is Michael Oher (“Big Mike”) now? 

Oher’s family has been a huge point of curiosity for fans since the release of “The Blind Side.” Most recently, on Sunday, Oher announced via Instagram that he got married to his longtime girlfriend, Tiffany Michelle Roy. The couple, who now have four children (Kobi, MJ, Kierstin and Naivi), first met when Oher played offensive tackle at Ole Miss over 15 years ago. 

But does Oher still talk to his biological mom? His mom’s infamous addiction problem forced Oher into the foster system when he was just 7 years old. Oher told CNN during his third season in the NFL that he wasn’t on speaking terms with his mom, but noted, “I would be gladly there to get back to where we once were” if she got the help that she needed. 

However, it appears that the pair are still not on speaking terms. His mom told ABC24 Memphis back in 2017 that she was clean and sober for six years. She noted that she was disappointed that her son Oher was still not speaking to her. The pair have been quiet about their relationship since that interview.

Oher currently has a net worth of $16 million according to Celebrity Net Worth. He makes a lot of his money thanks to the platform he received from the movie. Due to previous NIL rules, Oher didn’t have a say in the movie’s production as he was playing at Ole Miss at the time. He famously made it clear that he was not happy with the result of “The Blind Side,” because of how the movie portrayed his “lack of” education and football abilities to start. But, in recent years, he’s changed his mind about the movie to be more positive. 

“Looking at it now, it inspires so many people behind me to help them get a vision, where if he did it I can do it,” Oher told Viral Sports Podcast! in 2021. “[The movie rubbed] me the wrong way, but the thing about it is it’s still changing lives… I appreciate the movie that gave me that platform to continue to do what I’m doing now even after football.” 

Oher has used his platform to be vocal about mental health and about seeking therapy. He told People Magazine in 2021, “I’m still traumatized and I still deal with things that I dealt with as a kid.” 

Oher has also used his platform to take on several projects in recent years. He launched an app called Good Deeds which connects people who want to help and/or receive help in some form. He’s also been putting in the work to help balance the inequity within public education. He also has a foundation in his name, The Oher Foundation, which takes donations that go toward underprivileged kids who want a higher education. 

Oher’s mission over the years has been to motivate other people to be positive and never give up, which is especially clear through his Instagram posts.