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Julian Lewis ready for QB mantle after breakout freshman year

Julian Lewis ready for QB mantle after breakout freshman year
Freshman quarterback Julian Lewis helped lead Carrollton to a perfect 10-0 record during the regular season. (Courtesy: Kameron Taylor/@kamtalkssports/Instagram)
Mike Roberts

CARROLLTON, Ga. (BVM) – Carrollton freshman quarterback Julian Lewis hasn’t let one of the toughest conferences in the state of Georgia overwhelm him in his first year leading the Trojans varsity team. For a high schooler who received offers from Division I programs before he even turned 14, “special” has always been a part of the equation.

“The speed and size of the players [are the biggest difference],” Lewis said when asked about taking the step up this season. “I went from ninth grade straight to 7A. Those are two completely different levels of football. Playing well on the ninth grade team or JV doesn’t mean you can play on Friday nights. My coaches spent a lot of time getting me ready.”

The extra time getting ready has paid off for the Trojans’ quarterback who just completed an undefeated regular season. With hopes of taking this year’s team even further in the playoffs, Lewis has quickly shown just why college recruiters have been in on him from such a young age. Through 10 games, the Carrollton freshman has thrown for nearly 2,600 passing yards and 34 touchdowns. The eye-popping numbers put him in rare territory, outpacing the touchdown totals of former Georgia greats Deshaun Watson and Trevor Lawrence in their freshman seasons. Along with the breakout numbers, Lewis has thrown just eight interceptions on 272 pass attempts.

“I’ve worked on the mental part of my game a lot,” Lewis said of his focus this season. “Knowing what to do and where to go with the ball.”

If there’s anyone who’s seen what it takes to be great in the state, it’s Carrollton head coach Joey King. The Trojans’ coach once headed Cartersville High School while Lawrence was there, and has helped make the switch for Lewis easier as he’s transitioned to much tougher competition. With many already comparing him to some of the elite quarterbacks that have come through the state, Lewis is happy to learn from one of the best.

“He holds you accountable 24/7,” Lewis said of King. “With him, ‘how you do anything, is how you do everything.’ He’s helped me grow up. My family and I trusted him to help me get better and he’s done that.”

Along with the help of King, Lewis has found success because of the extra work he’s put in. Unlike many his age, the Trojans’ freshman quarterback has already begun to dedicate himself to the game, while still trying to find time to do things a usual high school student would do. With additional time working with coaches and trainers, Lewis is trying his hardest to master what comes with being a quarterback, dating back to when it began at 8 years old. 

This past summer, the 6-foot-1 quarterback found himself training with quarterback guru Quincy Avery during Pro’s Week in Austin, Texas. Alongside some of the top quarterbacks in the country like Watson, Justin Fields and CJ Stroud, Lewis got a first-hand opportunity to pick the brains and train with some of the game’s best. The event wasn’t something that Lewis would take for granted.

“It was a blessing for ‘Q’ to let me get some work at camp,” Lewis said. “The guys kept pushing me telling me how much faster I’ll have to move at each level.”

Avery, who has become the go-to quarterbacks trainer for top players at all levels, has been thoroughly impressed by what Lewis has been able to accomplish as just a freshman. In a state with a rich quarterback history, Lewis has the opportunity to leave his name at the top of the record books, just like the ones that came before him.

“He’s probably the No. 1 player in the country, in his grade,” Avery said on the Transfer Portal Podcast. “He is so reminiscent of a lot of the guys I’ve worked with before. Either like CJ Stroud a little bit, you see a little Deshaun [Watson] in him. The only thing is, I watch him and I’m like, if you could just not get bored of doing things the right way, you’re going to be one of the best quarterbacks in the country your senior year and you’re gonna be able to go wherever school you’d like and you’re going to be able to do whatever you’d like at the college level because he’s that gifted.”

Although rankings for the Class of 2026 have yet to be announced, Lewis will likely find his name atop the list. With his breakout freshman season still underway, the Trojans’ quarterback is focused on continuing Carrollton’s 10-0 record as it works towards a 7A state championship. When he’s had time this season, Lewis has started to visit college programs across the country, currently holding offers from 23 schools. His most recent visits were at Clemson and Georgia

“Recruiting [has been] fun,” Lewis said of the process. “Things are constantly changing so we just take it for what it is today and try to evaluate the staff for who they are. You can tell where you matter and where you don’t.”

As Lewis sifts through his time on and off the football field, his focus still remains on the things he can control. With grand comparisons and extra attention being floated his way, he’s thankful for the environment that surrounds him as he continues to not get too high or too low.

“A little bit, [but] not really though,” Lewis said when asked if he’s had to adjust to the extra attention. “Everything in Carrollton helps keep you humble and holds you accountable. I’m a regular kid at the end of the day.”