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Top 5 moments of J.J. Watt’s career

Honorable Mention 

J.J. Watt’s acting career 

At the height of his popularity and dominance in the mid 2010s, Watt began to make appearances on hit TV shows as well as a few movies. Watt played himself in an episode of “New Girl” and appeared in multiple episodes of “The League.” On the episode of “New Girl,” he is best known for singing a made up song, ‘Everybody Loves Hotdogs,’ with Zooey Deschanel and Damon Wayans Jr. In “The League,” he famously drafted for Ruxin’s, played by Nick Kroll, a fantasy football team and selected mostly defenses in the draft. Watt has also hosted “Saturday Night Live” and was Coach Craig, a middle school soccer coach, in the movie “Bad Moms.” 

J.J. Watt’s Walter Payton Man of the Year award

In 2017, Hurricane Harvey decimated the Gulf Coast and Houston was hit hard. The city was flooded, people died and there was billions of dollars in damage. In the aftermath, Watt was a leading figure in raising money to help the people of the city recover from the hurricane. He raised over $40 million in donations after he started the donating with $100,000 of his own money. Watt has always been known for being a kind person with an affinity for helping others and his efforts in 2017 showcased that. It’s one of the reasons he is a fan favorite.

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