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Ambidextrous QB Mikey Gow transferring to Allen HS in Texas
Mikey Gow during an unofficial visit to Texas. (Courtesy: Mikey Gow)

Ambidextrous QB Mikey Gow transferring to Allen HS in Texas

ALLEN, Texas (BVM) — Mikey Gow took the internet by storm in 2022 after showcasing his ability as an ambidextrous quarterback. Now the social media sensation aims to further his athletic abilities by transferring to Allen High School.

The decision to transfer was difficult, but with his dad moving for work, the opportunity to play in Texas and compete with some of the nation’s best football prospects was too hard to pass up. 

“My dad’s work headquarters are in the Dallas area,” Gow said. “We were looking at a couple of 5A and 6A schools, and honestly, I could’ve gone to any of them, but ultimately, I just wanted to go where the biggest [opportunity] was, and I feel like that’s what Allen has. We love the community, the stadium, and everything about them.”

Gow is heading into his junior year and given his social media presence, there are likely some high expectations, especially with the move to the Lone Star State. But playing in Texas also provides a chance to get recognized by more DI football programs.  

“One thing they don’t have in Nebraska is spring football,” Gow said. “I’m going to get a lot of extra film, and there are a lot more coaches here in Texas, especially with Allen. So, I feel like I have a better chance of being recruited down here; not that I didn’t in Nebraska, but the chances are even greater.”

Gow has already piqued some interest in DI programs like Michigan, Notre Dame, Nebraska, Ole Miss and Texas. However, his recruiting process hit a speed bump after he broke his right wrist. But a competitor like Gow is already moving forward and looking to bounce back. 

“I got so much better throughout that injury process, especially with my left hand,” Gow said. “I was in the cast for six to eight weeks and I got out of that and was in a splint for four weeks. From then on it was really about recovery and what made the recovery process so difficult was my hand being stiff. I’m fully recovered now, but it’s still pretty stiff, and I’m working on getting better with it again, and we’ll see where I can go from there.”

Gow stayed active in the football space as he recovered too. He was recently contacted by YouTube star A.J. Greene about joining his seven-on-seven team.

A.J. Greene has started a new seven-on-seven team called Deuces.
A graphic announcing A.J. Greene’s new 7-on-7 team. (Courtesy: Jim Gow)

“He hit me up in November and said, ‘I want you to be my quarterback on my seven-on-seven team,’” Gow said. “The team is called Deuces, and he’s getting a lot of prospects and a lot of different people. It’s an amazing opportunity, and I’m super excited about that.”

It’s an exciting time for a young athlete like Gow, and after his time in Nebraska, only time will tell if Gow can achieve his goals. And if he blows up on the internet in the process, he’ll be ready to handle the social media wave.

“Not a lot of people get to experience that,” Gow said. “So if that does happen again, I feel like I’m definitely ready this time. The first time, I missed three days of school because everything was so crazy.”


Gow looks to be heading in a promising direction when it comes to his athletic career. The future is bright for him, but he’ll do his best to stay level-headed and make the most of the opportunities that lie in front of him.

“I’m going to work my hardest and leave that decision up to the coaches for now; we’ll just see where that takes me,” Gow said. “I’ve also learned to stay neutral so that I never feel disappointed, but I’m excited to get started.”

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