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Darren Harris is the quiet ‘killer’ joining Duke basketball
Darren Harris committed to Duke in October. (Courtesy: Darren Harris)

Darren Harris is the quiet ‘killer’ joining Duke basketball

FAIRFAX, Va. (BVM) – Before Darren Harris became a star at St. Paul VI Catholic High School, he was the coach’s son that would always be around the team.

His father, a high school basketball coach, would bring a young Darren along with him. Whether it was practice, a game, or a summer camp, Darren was always in attendance.

“It really just stemmed from there,” Darren said.

Years later, it looks like the constant desire for being around the game helped him in the long run.

Now, Harris is the No. 45 player in the 2024 class according to 247 Sports and is one of the very best shooters in the country.

“He’ll be the best shooter we’ve ever had,” St. Paul VI Catholic’s head coach Glenn Farello said. “That was something that stood out with him from the moment he walked in as a freshman.”

Not too long after Harris made his introduction to the high school ranks, colleges started to show interest. But even before the recruiting process had started for him, he had a fairly good idea of where he might go. 

In October of his junior year, he announced his commitment to Duke University, his dream school.

“They’re different from any other school,” Harris said. “Duke is just a different pedestal from any other program.”

Harris always grew up with the passion to one day play for the Blue Devils, but the amount of time he has dedicated to the sport made it a question of when not if.

“He works at his craft,” Farello said. “That is why he is such a great shooter. He truly just works at it.”

“It’s surreal, but I knew I always had it in me to play there,” Harris said.

Part of the reason why he has had as much success as he has had is due to his competitive nature. Just the thought of someone doing more than him is a nauseating feeling for Harris.

“I know that someone that I am competing with or will be competing with is in the gym right now putting in work,” Harris said. “The constant thought of someone pushing harder than me or working harder than me angers me sometimes. I just get in the gym and let it all out.”

While he is always the most competitive player on the court, he is not one to talk trash. He leaves that up to his play.

“He doesn’t say a whole lot, but boy he’s a killer,” Farello said.

For someone Harris’ age, he has quite the resume already. But that is not how he views it. While still fond of what he has been able to do up to this point, he still has a ways to go before he is satisfied.

“I’m proud of reaching my dream of committing to Duke, but at the same time I haven’t really accomplished anything,” Harris said. “I haven’t stepped on the floor there or anything like that.”

Harris’ first step to being satisfied will still come at the high school level by winning a state championship before he hopes to win big at Duke. But he also has the goal of maximizing who he can be on the court before he gets to Durham.

“I just want to be the best player I can be and get better every day,” Harris said. “Every game, I want to play my heart out on both sides of the ball.

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