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Top 3 richest Indiana HS basketball players based on NIL
Credit: ©Robert Scheer/IndyStar/USA TODAY NETWORK

Top 3 richest Indiana HS basketball players based on NIL

INDIANAPOLIS (BVM) – The state of Indiana produces some of the best boys basketball players in the country, which makes them marketable and opens the door for them to make six figures off their name, image and likeness in the future. 

The Indiana High School Athletic Association bylaws currently don’t allow high school athletes to make money off of NIL, according to On3. So, high school basketball players in Indiana can make NIL money only after they enter college.  

Nonetheless, these NIL laws in Indiana could drive away top talents. High school basketball star Tre Johnson made headlines when he transferred from a Texas high school (which doesn’t allow NIL) to a Missouri high school (which does allow NIL). His motives for transferring weren’t necessarily NIL-driven, but many assumed so because he booked an NIL deal for autographed trading cards and memorabilia right after announcing his move.

Check out which Indiana high school boys basketball players are the “richest” – or are projected to be – once they officially become college athletes. The data provided is collected by On3, which is a database that analyzes “performance, influence and exposure” to estimate the annual earning potential at the next level for these Indiana high school basketball stars.